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If it helps, SWEFTA local rules permit nominal half inch freestyle out to 25 yards, nominal inch freestyle out to 45 yards, and nominal inch can also be used on positionals to 20 yards.

There is a ceiling of 40% of all targets that can be reducers, and 10% of all can be standers, likewise kneelers.

It's been custom and practice to limit full size positionals to 45 yards as per BFTA but according to the rules they could go out to 55 yards.

That's as the rules stand today. There are some ideas for tweaking them that will come up at the AGM in a few weeks time. For example, technically a 40 shot course could include 4 kneelers and 4 standers all at an inch under 20 yards and inch kills; I think that would not be very popular, nor would all eight positionals at 54 yards be welcomed.

The BFTA short course rules limit the number of the smallest kills to not more than half the total number of reducers and I like that.
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