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As well as doing FT with an EV2 and a T35 on top, I shoot LSR to NSRA rules. LSR is done indoors, 20 yards range, two cards of five shots in a card target, all standing. For that I use a S410 with a Simmons 3-10 scope on top, set at 10 mag. Oh and the 410 is in 22 cal and I use Hobby pellets.

I shoot consistently better standing indoors, and for me the single significant difference is purely the weight and balance of the rig.

My standing position for FT is not that bad, classic approaching a 10m stance, but whatever you do you can't get away from the fact that an EV2 with an FT scope on top is heavy compared to the 410 which has to be under 4.5 kilos to comply with NSRA rules.

Here is a practice card from LSR:

Just to explain, we shoot ten shots in one card for practice, two cards of five in a comp.

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