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Default Lottery shots

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Hi Berty well done at the worlds, looking at the target stats the courses looked tough but not silly IE 55Yd standers were their many lottery targets i know the scores don't suggest their was and the shooting ground looked really nice.
To be honest Steve, there wasnt many on the 3 courses, you had to be steady on disciplines as there were alot of 25mm kills on them for both types of disciplines. The only target I wasnt sure of was the 15mm 22yd kneeler. It was in a difficult location in case of wind, that was the only 1 really though for me. The others were really well placed, 25mm sitters out to 45yds maximum I think or at least 41 yds.

There were no stupid distance standers, but there was 1 lane of kneelers that were 51yds and 49yds. Which isnt a bad distance as we often practice that sort of distance on them.

I enjoyed the courses personally and would like to shoot them again. Just have to wait a few years until it is Hungary again eh??

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