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Originally Posted by JamesO View Post
Thanks for the info Rob, keep it coming.

It looks like the Euskadi shoot is going to clash with my summer jollies again, so it might just have to be a trip to Italy. I assume that is going to be the showdown weekend.

I can't help feeling that I missed out not going to Hungary, not helped by reading everything on here
You did... it was another benchmark event, and was made really nice by most of the visitors being in the same hotel... if i hadn't had to get up at 6.30 and drive 150 miles it would have been really messy... a bit of an oversight on my part, but wanted to keep the away time down.

Italy should be good. As should Euskadi. I think if the numbers come to fruition on the latter, we may need a minibus.

bugger about the showdown! Will have to have a word with the BFTA Chair about that!

Had some progress (yeh right) on the EFP... the route through France is simple... just stick it in T1 Bonded... my FEO is full of bright suggestions...
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