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Originally Posted by Jamesy View Post
More likely they saw the size of your room at the hotel and thought you were a high flyer and couldn't be bought off with an oversize t-shirt and a couple of badges.
And if anyone from the Hungarian FT association is reading this it's just my sarcastic humour and i'd much rather have the badges than a flashing Anschutz box, the badges will be sewn onto my jacket before the weekend.
Oh i got those as well

I kept my language well under the radar of anything Neil could perceive as being a green light... after seeing how much trouble Tool was having with his sitters, it seemed the wise thing to do.

He might have wandered abroad, one of the SA shooters was saying something about having their trousers pulled down and the offenders not even having the decency to lube up... dunno, must be springer talk, meant nothing to me
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