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Originally Posted by berty177 View Post
With regards to the courses and the sizes of kills used, it would be awkward to have reduced kills for disciplines as alot of courses over here are not set up for the Worlds.

There were not many gimme targets on any course. The 40mm kills were normally 46yds plus with all below that being 25mm to 45yds and 15mm upto I would say 30yds ish??

There were alot of 50+yd targets with the full kills, on quite a few lanes there would be a 50yd and a 54yarder in the same lane on every course.

The course were well planned and put out spot on.

My only gripe would have been the marshalling on the courses. If they had checked the targets when called (especially when it was the first lane), then it would have been better instead of just saying miss when the kill had to be reset as well with the marshal there??????????

I did like the chrono lane, with the chrono marshal weighing the pellet and placing it into the barrel to stop any possibility of any issues arising. I did like that idea. Might be something to look into this end.

Overall I enjoyed the weekend away and am already looking forward to next year in Italy. Sounds like another good road trip ahead eh.............

Hi Berty well done at the worlds, looking at the target stats the courses looked tough but not silly IE 55Yd standers were their many lottery targets i know the scores don't suggest their was and the shooting ground looked really nice.
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