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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
ok, i'm stumped, and everyone else i know is...

in my bag from the worlds was a little plastic box with a lanyard on it. Inside this box is some circuitry, one side has some silver foil and the other has an LCD screen which flashes black and to the AHG Anschutz logo, but only when the solar panel down which is down one edge is exposed to the light...else the logo stays on.

inside the box looks like two teeny electronic things, but they are encased in the perspex, so cant be pressed or touched.

the box is about 2cm long, 6mm deep, and 1cm wide... and i'm completely stumped as to what it is supposed to be for or do...

any clues?

if it's simply supposed to be a solar powered flashing anshutz logo on a lanyard then i'm even more perplexed
Solar powered flashing anschutz boxes!!! All i got was a XXL t-shirt and a couple of cloth badges.
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