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After a day of rest and return to everyday life now I can sit down and write. I have no words to thank all the congratulations and support received during and after the competition. Especially did I get here from Spain, friends and the Spanish fans, both by phone and from Internet forums.

I would like first to thank the HFT, for the better organization of a competition that I have ever attend. Have been outstanding in every moment of our needs and have a special taste in choosing the site where the competition has passed, with everyone well informed at all times. An excellent example of how you have to do a World Cup.

I want to congratulate my fellow Spanish team Ton and Portillo, for his support and friendship. Tonino by classification and excellent performance in the championship, and Portillo to face this competition so hard with the little time he had to prepare themselves and with the handicap of not being able to communicate well with other people, although he did understand the international language. I am very glad to have shared with them this experience and have their friendship. I also want to send a special greeting to Vagner (Victor for us), the Brazilian marksman with which we share the entire stay, great shooter and a great person. He learned a lot in this instance, certainly we will hear about him in the future.

I congratulate the English team for their great participation and high skills, obtaining the most titles. It was a great challenge to be at their level.
Special mention to my squad mates, Andy and Maestro. It was an honor and a pleasure to compete and enjoy this nice and difficult FT course. I have enjoy very much with them, with theyr talks and jokes, and there were on the other hand words of encouragement, even though they competed for the same classification in the championship. I want to congratulate Graig specially, outstanding young shooter.

I have to thank the Italian team at all times supported us and stood by our side. No doubt they are an excellent team, both for their expertise as shooters and its quality as people and colleagues. Next year will be theirs, we will visit their country in the Field Target Worldchampionship 2011.

I also want to send a special hug for Andreas and his wife, for all time shared with them and I hope to see us soon.

To congratulate the South African team because of his qualities as marksmen, their classification and good fellowship, like the German team and the rest of the teams from other countries.

greetings to all

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