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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
there seemed to be a divide in people's assessment of the performance of the s&b at the worlds. Many were complaining of the problems that have been mentioned numerous amounts of times, yet there were a few who said that when and if they did see shift then it was minimal, in the region of a yard or so.

there was a petition running around with a rumoured 60 signatures of shooters who wished s&b to address the situation.

there were at least two shooters who I spoke to who had massive shifts in minimal temp changes... i did wonder if there was another aspect coming into play... i also know of at least 3 shooters who had no problems at all.

i'm not sure if the setup aspect is a red herring or not... in terms of when i set up a scope, I do nothing special.
Rob , from what I have heard they are blaming light conditions rather than temperature , can't see this myself I spent (wasted ) six months testing to death and I am 100% convinced it's temp related..... Got to the stage I would not believe them if they told me tomorrow was Thursday
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