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More top advice! thanks
Originally Posted by Pod View Post
Hi Connor. I think I took your membership fee for the BFTO from you a couple of weeks ago??

Before you buy anything, have a few visits to the club and talk to people. And if you see any of the guns you are interested in, then ask the owners if you can have a try. Most people will be only too happy.

This should help you make your decision
Quite possibly! i paid not sunday just gone but the one before, ive been down there pretty much every other day since i have had a play with some of the rifles in my shortlist, the trouble is, being new there and not knowing anyone well its hard to know who is there to be social and who would prefer to be left to shoot? no doubt in time ill start badgering the more approachable folk for advice and tips

The scope i have atm is a nikko 3-9x40 which seems to be ok for the moment although i know i would need something a little better if i did start taking things a little more seriously.
The trouble is, im not in the position to spend a great deal of money on a sport im very new to, so ive limited myself to that budget to get a half decent rifle as it would be a waste of time putting a better scope on the old diana lol i can get by with my current scope for now and as i improve i can invest in some better glass then maybe later on ill upgrade the rifle again, does that make sense?

Im definitely starting to feel more like im able to make a better choice now, or at least i know what i WONT be buying! lol i was definitely jumping the gun (no pun intended) a bit when i was looking at the pro rifles i think i need to get something more suited for a beginner and save for some top glass instead!

cheers and atb
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