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I think that all that took part in this excellent and challenging series, regardless of how they ended up on the score-board, would agree that it represented all that is good about HFT as a sport.
It has allowed many of us to make new friends, gain more experience and generally take the p--s at every opportunity.
The weather has often been good, sometimes bad, but fortunately never before like it was on Sundays" mud roll" in the woods. Still at least it represented an excuse to fully strip down those expensive PCPs for a proper drying!
Regarding the trophy, the last I heard, Ian Jones had borrowed it as he has managed to secure a role in a new movie as a Greek Hoplite spear thrower. The trophy was last seen looking up a fellow actors backside following a failed attempt at the storming of the walls of Troy....
Anyway,well done to all of us who took part. I reckon that next year the trophy will be residing where it belongs at the Rivington indoor range! Let battle commence.


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