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Originally Posted by PeteM View Post
Can you elucidate for those who were not there.
Yep, as Connor says, large clock with large buttons, set to 3 mins, starts when you get in the lane. A bit of a grey area about when exactly that starts, as UK shooters will pull strings because they don't want a downed target to eat time should it be tricky to reset... but i hit mine when i walked in the lane if the targets were up and it was more than enough... on full chat i was down and up and pulling the targets up between 1.45 and 2 mins... i always (ahem), well most times, pulled strings to check the targets were up because sometimes they weren't, but i think my partners were happy that i wasn't burning time before hitting the clock and using it to my advantage.

some hit it once bum was on seat etc... if the grey areas were defined rock solid, then it would be even better, but it still works well. It took a while to get used to it last year, and in Euskadi, but i was well comfortable with it here.

for standers and kneelers, the targets were so small and far that i think most rangefound sitting beforehand anyway.

it think if you could solve the targets up/down thing then you could simply stick a clock on the side of the lane you approach about 2 ft away and hit it as you walked into the lane... then everything would be timed, string pulls n all.
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