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Originally Posted by rickysdaystate View Post
i collected it from a service station, but there was cops around, so i couldn't really get the gun out and have a good look at it, so it just got transferred from car to car. i feel sorry for people who buy a product that has been sold through false intentions. whereas if a product has been sold as "faulty" or "damaged" then i guess its up to the buyer to have it or leave it. i forgot to mention........when Ben phoned me up earlier he also said it was FAC so even though it was broke i had a firearms in my possession!
its very unlikely sold as fac ricky its very hard to get a gun off a fac ticket you hav only got to ask the liecensing officer in atherstone matey,personally i think he turned up the reg to give him mmmmmm im not going their its goes on about power,nice to c u got it done,i no bens regs can be a bugger at times to get right thats y ray wouldnt touch the reg
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