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Default Never trust

a while ago i brought a BTAS HW100, i payed good money for it (750). in the add it didn't say that there was anything wrong with it, so i expected it to be in good/decent condition. how ever........when i got it out the case and had a look at it the stock was all cracked......something i was un aware of when i brought it. This never put me off as i still thought it would shoot good...........this is the main bit that ****** me off, the rifle was leaking, and it looked like it had been damaged badly (dropped on the floor or something) as the magazine was in operable as the two sides of the action had been bashed together. i had sent it to U.K.Neil 1st, he charged me 10, but it still didn't fix the problems......then i sent it to Ray Neil, another awsome gun smith, but the problem was still there, he had charged me 20. I have finally got round to sending it back to BTAS in which i have been charged 115 for the work to be done and postage there and back, hopefully this has fixed the lot (fingers crossed) all in all i have spent 145 EXTRA on getting a rifle fixed that i had not been informed that it was broken in the 1st place!

so thats 900 ON A SECONDHAND HW100!
so just a warning to people on here, never buy off people you dont know
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