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I own both guns and i would say the AA MPR hands down and for following reasons:

The 400 series has been out for years they are simple to work on, they are a reliable workhorse and if something is wrong it is a quick fix. My MPR has served me well (3 years) and I personally will never sell it. They are accurate out of the box, a few tuning mods you will not regret it.

The AR I have had for over 4/5 months now, I believe it was one of the first .177 in the country. It is a good gun but needs a lot of tweeks to get it right. It is very front heavy, the cocking mechanism has a lot to be desired. The stock is very 2 dimensional and imo needs a few mods to get comfortable. To get relevant mods done is going to cost me in the region of 200-300. The longivity of this gun has yet to be tested. (with these mods could be a great gun)

IMO wait until more people have the AR and mods to cocking mech, stock and longivity has been tested. Otherwise you'll be dipping into your wallet every couple of months and a 600 gun will cost you more like 1000 by the time your happy with


Mods I will be doing to the AR:

Walther Ally Junior Cylinder (To bring weight back from front)
New Wood Pistol Grip, cheekpiece and Hamster- with ally spacers etc (Cos I'm a tart)
New cocking mech- Being machined at present (it is just god awful as it is)
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