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thanks guys, and gary i will definately (spelling?) take you up on that, let me know when you will have it and i will make my way over to you wherever you may be.
the mk4 shoots through the same hole for loads of shots then goes, inch left, inch right, inch up, inch down, then through the same hole again and again this is in a barn with no wind whatsoever. at shepreth uk round i was doing quite well (for me anyway) even out there in the wind. got in the woods and missed 6 easy ones in a row. dink, dink, dink, donut, dink, dink. back on target again. still pulled in a 50 but with a PB of 54 i had the chance to do quite well and once again it failed me. at shoot 18 of the wednesday evening shoots at M.A.D. i was only 1 point down after 13 lanes, and the one i dropped was a stander! for me to do this well is unheard of. (scutter will back me up on this ) mini kill @ 20-ish yards went 2mil dots high, next one, a long'un with a right to left wind landed above my crosshair instead of a mil dot down and took no wind. next one went half a mil dot high and went the opposite way to the wind before rain stopped play. i was ready to sell it to swan vesta for matchwood by this point. wondered why they were going everywhere at the M.A.D. rounds of the uk's only to find out it didnt have a baffle in the end. thanks. then there was having to take it out of the stock to pad the stock out with foam to stop the battery banging around. simple fix, but i shouldnt have to do it really. ive lost all faith in it and its making me not enjoy shooting anymore, MY SPRINGER IS MORE ACCURATE!!!
sorry, rant over anyways i want a gun i can trust so im looking elsewhere.
air arms MPR FT .177
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