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Originally Posted by Gerry View Post
I did'nt mean to open up a discussion on our ailments here .

I was merely suggestion that I felt it was time to acknowledge the older shooters amongst us who would like to be able to compete against equally ancient specimens.

I am not in any way suggesting that this must be made into a National championship at normal UKHFT meetings , because as in all sports , numbers would determine the viablity of the class.

If we got 50 oldies at a UK shoot , out of 250 entrants we then have a serious percentage , making it a viable proposition, as opposed to 10 oldies entering out of 250.

I believe that a National Championship would grow , just like HFT , but obviously there would be a slightly different lay out of the course, enabling some of the more severely handicapped a decent shot .

What I would like to see , is a more positive response , not necessarily at every shoot, but it would obviously be better starting at club level, then proceeding at regional level as in Southern Hunters & Midland hunters.

Depending on the success of this would then determine the next step in the process.
As I posted earlier Gerry, wehy don;t you get together with some of the other posters & try to start your own series or maybe a one off veterans/disabled shoot
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