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Originally Posted by Biffo1262 View Post
. In business it would amount to illegal discrimination so why a sport seems intent on making life hard for us seems against the sports best interests. Some of my friends have given up formal shooting altogether because of that attitude. It's not endemic but it does leave a bad taste when when 'sportsmen' don't ant to accommodate our less fortunate participants. I find that attitude selfish and self seeking and some of those poking fun may well be in the same frustrating position one day and then see if you find it amusing. The fact that some of us don't shoot comps is BECAUSE it's made that way despite our pleas and NOT because we don't want to; hence the lack of disabled and older participants. It's all about 'cause and effect' and the sports regulators need to move in to the present and stop catering for those who shout the loudest.
How many sports completely change their format to accomodate disabled competitors directly competing against the more able bodied ? most sports have separate events for each type of disability.

UKAHFT is a prone sport & I'm afraid we aren't going to totally change that to accomadate those who can't go prone. We have plenty of shooters competing at a high level who are disabled, we have some who need to use crutches to get from peg to peg, we have shooters with crumbling bones & knackered backs, quite a few need to completely rest up the week after an event just to recover but they do it because they love the sport.

Maybe the answer is rather than try & change the sport that we love why not start your own disabled/veteran series, you can write the rules as to what individual classes are required & tailor the shoots to be as inclusive as possible.
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