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Originally Posted by Gerry View Post
Ryan , there would probably be a lot more oldies coming back if we had an old fogies class.

It is hard to stay motivated to shoot when your vision is fuzzy , your breathing is difficult, your artheritus pains you in certain positions causing your concentration to wander when you are trying to shoot , thats when the oldies say what the hell , & go & plink out of a barn some where .

Believe me , there are lots of them too !
And most of us oldies have abused our bodies in earlier times , & pay for it now .

There are many guys struggling , so I think its a natural progression of things.

I am suggesting we introduce the class next year, but for now we spread the word on the i-net & get as many of the oldies back in and motivated .

I think you will be surprised how many oldies will be going for it .

Not sure I quite get your logic ??

Are you saying there are a lot of older shooters who currently don't take part as they have no chance of winning a trophy ???

If we had a veterans class, which isn't going to happen, I know quite a few shooters who are really fit with pretty good eyesight who would dominate the class, so if you follow your logic numbers would immediately drop as the majority wouldn't stand a chance.
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