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Originally Posted by Charlts View Post
How many over 60's are there regularly shooting enough UKAHFT shoots to make it worth while?

Isn't that one of the points Gerry is trying to make. I don't shoot anything but my own club and informal shoots because I am over sixty and disabled. I just cannot shoot the targets that require me to lie down or in some cases even kneel. I don't mind standing for all my shots but I have miss out those that require me to kneel or lie just to be able to see the target! Those setting the courses seem intent on just not allowing for such problems and we get poo-poohed when we mention it. In business it would amount to illegal discrimination so why a sport seems intent on making life hard for us seems against the sports best interests. Some of my friends have given up formal shooting altogether because of that attitude. It's not endemic but it does leave a bad taste when when 'sportsmen' don't ant to accommodate our less fortunate participants. I find that attitude selfish and self seeking and some of those poking fun may well be in the same frustrating position one day and then see if you find it amusing. The fact that some of us don't shoot comps is BECAUSE it's made that way despite our pleas and NOT because we don't want to; hence the lack of disabled and older participants. It's all about 'cause and effect' and the sports regulators need to move in to the present and stop catering for those who shout the loudest.

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