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Originally Posted by JamesO View Post
Good luck to everyone venturing out from the home of FT (and I mean the UK), show them how it should be done, again

I know you'll all have a great time and I can't wait to hear the stories upon everyones return, you know the kind of thing I mean, flooded apartments (Jono (Germany) John C (SA)), Breast sucking Ticks (Me Germany), Crashed hire cars (Sorry Mike (Poland), and of course ELEPHANTS. Now that would be a story, especially from Hungary

Have fun and stay safe

Be specific man, is that Breast Sucking and Ticks, or Breast Sucking Ticks? Are Mr. G and Mr. D sharing a room?

Don't worry, if it goes all pear shaped on the course we'll have to make up the deficit with a good effort off the course... it will have to be one hell of an excuse, but if the story is tall enough i think it will be a good shield against the verbal cabbages being thrown for not bringing back every single title up for grabs.

Neil just told me that a march is up for grabs for top place... typical!

4 am start... here we go
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