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Originally Posted by Conscript View Post
I Believe Brian pointed out basically everything i can think of for range finding, There's a Perfect quote which is from Jarhead, "You take what you know, and then you multiply. Please don't use your dicks. They're too small, and I can't count that high. I don't wanna hear, "400,000 inches.", So in theory - You could measure out a Small spot of land which you know well, and then use that as a rough guide, This is what i do and its never failed me, least i not forget, Remember that Lighting of course affects range finding, along with dead ground between you and your target, By dead ground i mean ground which you cannot see, due to it being lower than you - Of course you have to account for Wind as well, Which is 99% Luck and 1% Knowledge - However i'll say no more, Correct me if I'm wrong, but good luck in HFT!
Jamie, get up to Quarry and shoot as much as you can, I'm sure you'll find your "Luck" improves greatly!

Ask to shoot a round with Mark Wall or Sparky on a windy day and see how "Lucky" they are.


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