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Thumbs up Well Done!

Well Done, Charlie Morrison 1st - AA Grade, SWEFTA Champion - top consistent shooting all year.
commiseration's to Dave Nash 2nd & Chris Jones 3rd, but well done too - AA Grade

Well Done also:

Rod Davis 1st, Rich Clark 2nd, Rob Taylor 3rd - A Grade

Trevor Bray 1st, Tim Clarke 2nd, Terry Judd 3rd - B Grade

Ian Penrose 1st, Bob Green 2nd, Bill Hartnoll 3rd - C Grade

Lloyd Gray 1st, Malcolm Hulack 2nd, Len Showell 3rd - FT Recoiling

Good to see Ken Manly back shooting, wish him all the best with his recovery.

congrats East Devon for 5th successive year as SEWFTA Team Champions
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