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Originally Posted by Conscript View Post
Sorry lads but, In my own personal experience with no disrespect intended because your opinions are highly respected on my behalf and theres always something to learn but i believe wind in some situations on timed shots is a major factor of luck, Especially when your target is say for instance a Squirrel Standing straight at about 45-60 yards, Thats hunting however which is really a different ball game so of course that doesn't count.

Wind can at times be "un - judge able" especially down here in Wales, where we have a lot of valleys, Wind is also on and off and all you have to do is fire your round, wind drops, and thats either a Zero or 1, Just trying to point out where im coming from so again please dont take any offence and give me some feedback on what you think - Thanks.

Sure, there's always wind thats difficult to read, but there are time limits in FT and HFT... and if the wind is flicking or gusting over tricky terrain then there are still things to combat that. Normally time works against you, and personally I don't find time a factor because I tend to take the shot when it's right for me... that could be on a low breeze, but it might be on something quite strong.

I think we've all had those unjudgeable days... you can work with experience, make an educated guess, and have a bit of luck, or you can just not hit a barn door. Those are the days though that I wouldn't be taking long shots hunting and to be honest, I don't like it past 35yds for a whole gamut of reasons.

I'd say the biggest problem with quarry at that distance, is the distance... at 45-60yds, theres 3.5 MOA of drop on my rifle which is a massive elevation change to bracket an animal in, and the wind would be very different at 45 and at 60... on such a small target such as a squirrels head, in tricky wind, i'd be getting closer. As much as you don't have a target that could move in FT & HFT, one of the downsides is you can't get closer to ensure the shot .
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