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Originally Posted by NarkyMark View Post
Out of interest did anybody notice any POI shift (no matter how slight) when shooting their UK zeroed rifle for the 1st time in SA at last years FT Worlds?
I saw great differences from my NZ settings when competing in SA. NZ would be very much like UK, surrounded by ocean and at similar latitudes.

I saw no vertical deflection due to wind/magnus effect.

Pellets flew higher and straight in the less dense atmosphere. It was actually a much less challenging environment to shoot in (far less clicks required),........until you encountered the temperature changes at high altitude. Up to 3 MOA shift in the POI between the start of day one until the end of day 3, purely from the changes in temperature. That is where the 13mm kill zones etc etc made it a difficult proposition........that and the endurance factor at 30-40 deg C.

Wind is wind no matter what altitude, it moves the leaves and feels the same. There was a little wind, and the biggest challenge was deciphering the wind when a stiff piece of bullrush on the edge of the wetland is all you have to go on.......Death Valley gave no clues away.

It was fun and games alright.

I've nailed down what is going on with the shifting, so started on another topic. Pellets and magnus effect, or the lack of with .177 pellets out to 55 yrds. Gotta say it not happening for me either at that range. Where range increases, and speed decreases more rapidly than the revolutions, then well, maybe there is a case. But then which direction?.........I've yet to see it so I just am not sure. I have enough doubt from what other people have proved to themselves to throw out the "conventional" theory.


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