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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Tough break GS... hopefully that's the end of it though. Can see that could be what the future could hold for us a while further down the line here. On the bright side, it might get us that Euro pass for the guns so we can go traveling easier.
What it means is that when we host in NZ,........any entrant coming MUST hold a FAL for their respective country, and apply for a visitors permit, granted only AFTER arriving here, which can take weeks, and then you can import your rifle or purchase one here. You can see the implications.........for FT competitors and the WFTF Worlds.

I can imagine how long it would take to process a hundred or so. Its utter Bollocks, and I have pointed it out to the powers that be, they just chose to ignore it.

This may put an end to our hosting aspirations.

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