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Originally Posted by greyskullnz View Post
Ok, here's an apology for being a git, and an explanation.

First of all sorry for taking your comments the wrong way. I'll tell you why I was in a real bad mood, and should have thought more carefully about replying to your post:

Today, in My Country, the Govt has just imposed a FAL requirement upon all PCP air rifles. Not springers, just PCP. So my 12 ft/lbs FT rifle is subject to surrender without recompense within 3 Months time if I have not completed the "firearms safety training" course and paid the fees, and the Arms Officer does not think I am a criminal.

Just a bit P'd off presently. Am sure my mood will improve eventually.
Tough break GS... hopefully that's the end of it though. Can see that could be what the future could hold for us a while further down the line here. On the bright side, it might get us that Euro pass for the guns so we can go traveling easier.
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