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Originally Posted by berty177 View Post

I have to say it Scott...

You are worrying like hell about the trip. Have you ever gone abroad?? I know you haave travelled to Wales a few times.

If you want looking after Im sure Mr Page will help you, he likes that sort of thing bless hin....

Not been abroad for 9 years ? But when me & Nicky were away ( only in Greece by the way ) the 9/11 Twin Towers happened & got to admit it was a nightmare getting home & i vowed never to go abroad again !

I'm sure it will all be fine in the big picture but when i come to Wales there's you & Doz to help me through immigration & same when you go to Scotland Davey , Alan & Robbie are ther on hand.

Nearly there now we have all got set rolls;

Calpin ; Interpreter & language expert
Jono; Offical hostage ( as he maybe having some connection to the BFTA)
Jamesy; Senior Navigation Engineer
Neil; Local Police Coordinator & Beer Taster
Me; Living the Dream on Tour Coordinator

See you next week .................................................. .. maybe

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