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Default Worlds Easy Jet ??????????? HELP !

Can anyone help with this question ?

We have paid for our flights including our guns ? 50 for guns ?

I am slightly confused by the wording in the statement below;


Checked Baggage

Every item of standard checked ('hold') baggage will incur a fee. The applicable online fee will be displayed at the time of booking baggage (whether during or after booking your flight). Alternatively, you may choose to pay a higher charge at the airport. You will be advised of this charge at the airport. Payment of the fee provides you with an aggregate allowance of 20kg across all pieces of hold baggage which may only be increased by payment of excess weight charges.

The maximum acceptable weight for each single piece of checked-in hold baggage is 32kg. Baggage which exceeds this weight will not be accepted for carriage.

Where checked-in hold baggage exceeds 20kgs in weight (subject to the above rule), each passenger will pay an excess baggage charge per kg up to a passenger maximum of 50kgs, as follows:

Currency Excess Baggage per kg
GBP 10.00
EUR 12.00
CHF 20.00
DKK 88.00
CZK 320.00
HUF 3800.00
PLN 60.00
MAD 140.00

Sports Equipment and Musical Instrument Charges

Musical instruments
Musical instruments will only be permitted to be carried in the cabin and placed into the overhead locker if space is available and strictly subject to the Captain's discretion. The instrument including its carry case must not exceed the dimensions 30 x 117 x 38cms. Instruments which fit into this category include violin, viola, piccolo, flute, clarinet, bugle and trumpet.

Any instrument which exceeds the dimensions 30 x 117 x 38cms must be checked in as checked-baggage. The maximum weight for any single piece of baggage is 32 kgs.

Sporting equipment
Each passenger is allowed a maximum hold baggage weight of 50 Kgs including any sports equipment, subject to available space. The maximum weight for any single piece of baggage is 32 kgs.
An additional non-refundable fee is charged per item per flight for the carriage of the sporting equipment as set out in the table below:

Currency Per flight (when pre-paid) Per flight (paid at the airport)
GBP 18.50 26.00
EUR 25.00 35.00
CHF 39.00 54.00
DKK 190.00 255.00
CZK 690.00 970.00
HUF 6,600.00 9,200.00
PLN 100.00 140.00
MAD 275.00 380.00

Payment of the additional fee increases your checked-in hold baggage allowance (including additional item) to a maximum weight of 32kgs.
Where your total checked-in hold baggage weighs more than 32Kgs, normal excess baggage charges as set out above shall apply in addition to the above fee.

Please note that baggage fees will not be refunded once paid, even where you subsequently do not carry excess baggage, additional baggage, sporting equipment or musical instruments on your Flight.


What are we acctually allowed ??? 20kg , 32kg , 50 kg ??????

Combination of hold luggage & flight case ????????

Is this going to cost more money not allocated for ???????

Confused ? or is it just me ?


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