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What Pete is saying is correct,

I was the marshal who warned Mark at Lea Valley, then at Bisley when the chief marshal informed me of what Mark had done a second time, I had no choice, but to inform the UKAHFT organisers of the complaint.

I was informed that Mark would receive a photography ban and I asked Pete Sparks if it would be OK for me to supply Mark with photographs for the rest of the season. Pete agreed to this and I made the offer to Mark.

As a writer myself, my experience of both Pete and Pete, is that they have shown me nothing but respect. I have never had my work questioned and unlike another shooting series I used to write about, I have cart blanch to report the shoots in any way I see fit.

I do not know what Marks problem is, or what axe he has to grind, but if he stuck to the safety rules like the rest of us, then he would still be allowed to take pictures today.

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