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Default FT ,springer or pcp?

Well i have given the Prosport and T35 a good test over the last few weeks. Im improving though standers are still difficult. Found, still find,using 35x to be more difficult than say 10-14x. However have had some superb groups, albeit not consistently,thats the problem. Im not one to give up but i am now considering another pcp. I want to be as accurate as i can possibly be,and that simply means it has to be a pcp.I still prefer shooting a springer but crave the handling,and trigger of a pcp.Its the trigger which makes the standers difficult ,i really dont notice the recoil.Used to own an MPR and im considering an EV2. Feel like im selling out,but a mans gotta do whay a mans gotta do. Had a good look around and i feel the EV to be the most suitable. Bit concerned about some of the reviews on forums but if i buy new i will have a years warranty. I am really looking forward to FT comps and want to give myself the best chance to do well hence the possible move to pcp. I will have to sell my springers to help fund the EV so i hope im making the right choice.Any advice appreciated.
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