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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
I take it he must have crossed the firing line?
Otherwise, what did he do wrong please?
Earlier this year at the first round of the UKAHFT series (Lea Valley) Mark was seen to cross the firing line during the competition to take a picture of a competitor, this was whilst shooting was taking place & is strictly against our rules & those of all other shooting sports. Mark was approached by a marshal & knowing he had broken our safety rules he apologised & promised not to do it again.

At round 2 (Bisley) Mark was again seen to cross the firing line during shooting to take the same type of picture, he was approached by the chief marshal & although he promised not to do it again he did say to the Chief marshal that the risk was worth it for the photograph . However as soon as the chief marshal walked around the corner Mark again crossed the firing line to take another picture, this was seen by another on duty marshal, who confronted Mark about his disregard for safety & the UKAHFT rules.

As a result of these three serious & repeated safety violations we came to the decision that Mark would be permanently banned from being allowed onto UKAHFT courses to take pictures, although he can still shoot as a competitor. Pete Dutton personally informed Mark of this at the next shoot & his attitude was that we could not do this & that his transgressions were only minor.

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