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It does seem that the way its been worded in Gunmart is that we have banned Mark from writing!!

Here is part of the email

In conclusion, you will undoubtedly be pleased to know that Mark will no longer be reporting on HFT events for GunMart or Shooting Sports. This is an editorial decision, but in any case reporting by Mark would of course be impossible with both your ban on photography (1) and – in effect – a gagging order on what he can and can’t report (2).

Our reply

No we are not please that Mark will no longer be writing for either of your publications, we would just like the articles to be factual & balanced about the events. Nobody has suggested gagging anyone, articles that present a balanced view or even a one sided view stating only the facts are not a problem but Marks comments about who pulled the target or this being “an utterly ludicrous all too familiar spectacle” are clearly not accurate.

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