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Originally Posted by Dave Ramshead View Post
I wasn't aware of any safety violations Pete.
Why should you have been Dave, these incidents were reported by four different marshals & after an initial warning at Lea Valley were repeated at Bisley twice, we had no choice but to act.

Originally Posted by Dave Ramshead View Post
I read the article and can't see a problem with it myself, It's just an opinion from one writer and his thoughts whether you query the accuracy as you see it or not (if you get what i mean).
We didn't see it that way nor did a number of other UKAHFT shooters who also complained to GunMart, all we wanted was to be able to give our side of things, which hasn't happened. However a very similar article has appeared in another magazine & our side of the story will be published in a future article.

Originally Posted by Dave Ramshead View Post
You know I don't agree with everything you apply, like the finickiness on cards, but just respect it enough to get on with shooting some targets at the weekend and enjoy the course
That's the problem though Dave, most shooters can see the need for rules but some don't like it when it affects them, how fair would it be if we start picking & choosing when or when not to apply the rules.

If we take Lea Valley as an example where we both got zero's for taking targets from an incorrect position, would it have been OK to award you a zero & then give myself a "2" ???
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