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Originally Posted by luddite View Post
I know that what will suit one will not suit another so bearing that in mind what do you think is the best scope for HFT and why?
What depth of field and clarity does it possess to make you choose it?

I have already had an EB Sniper and a Leupold 2.5-8x36 recommended, but no tech detail so feel free to educate me.

What is the depth of field, can you see those close reducers, does it white out?
Maybe you should have initially asked for specific details in you other post Ken

My 2.5-8x36mm has the parallax set at 23y, it's perfectly clear (ret & target) from 13y but both are only slightly blurred at 8-10y, it's also clear enough at 55y to see a pellet strike although the magnification is the limiting factor at that distance. Mine has never whited out but I use a 4" sunshade.
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