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Initially I thought it was a load of old fanny until I heard that people actually went out and bought reading glasses
to use on close targets although I have never witnessed it personally .

There are however people with poor eyesight and a genuine need for glasses who do not gain anything by this , I wear glasses as I am short sighted and the target appears clearer at say 10 yards but I still struggle to see a KZ with or without glasses so it's not going to make any difference to my set up . I know Jon the chap who initially posted the query and we always have a chat at the end of a shoot saying the same old thing , ' I am buggered if I could see that close one ' ! A shame as he loses points all the time on those shots as do many others I suppose - even the ones with 20/20 vision . I did however try my fathers reading glasses and was amazed at how clear it was even at 8 yards which would be a massive advantage to anyone .

BTW Jon is also a very good shot for a blind man thats why he has storm the dog with him .

As stated in a previous post , if you cheat you cheat yourself and I for one am happy with my honest bronzes



PS : Still think the neck breakers are unfair though , but I combatted them by kneeling . lol
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