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Originally Posted by cb2591 View Post
I have a 97 KTH with a Vmach diy kit fitted. Not as well balanced as Prosport. Im beginning to think you are correct. Gonna Vmach my Prosport myself and then look to find a suitable stock. The standers are difficult due to the shallow fore end. But ,i must admit im getting better,think its all about practise.I still consider getting a PCP for FT, but im sure i can do well in the piston class.
I owned my Pro-sport for a while before getting it tuned so i was used to it and the way it felt, when done i couldn't tell the difference. I modded the stock myself to raise the cheeckpiece but the forend was still to shallow, espescially for upwardly angled shots, like i said, personally...if i was doing the same again i'd invest in a stock and forget tuning where the pro-sport and v-mach are concerned.
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