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Originally Posted by PeteM View Post
The wind speed was fluctuating between 2 to 6mph. I was using a portable anemometer.
I have from time to time experienced the Magnus Effect a 55 yards but because POI was going the wrong way to conventional thought, I assumed it was some technique error on my part.

As to.177, 16 joule/12ft lb, 100 yard Target Competition.
I think it could be a very interesting.
I think it is the equivalent of 1000 yards with .308/7.62 without the cost.
A bit like F Class for air rifles.
Yes, I have often thought FT was a bit like "F" class or long range shooting, given at 12 ft/lbs we are out in the " back curve" of the trajectory already at 55 yards. 100 yards is "out there" well and truly at that energy level. But the BC of the pellets improves dramatically as they settle down at longer may be that specialist long range barrels may have to be used with slower or almost non existent twist rate. (such as Ben Taylors smooth twist bore)

Some good stuff done by Harry Fuller, and some USA personages. If I have been informed correctly, along with many sub MOA groups being shot with .22 calibre and .25 calbre now, there has been ONE recorded sub MOA group shot with .177 Steyr 24 J rifle in South Africa. (thats sub MOA at 100 yards)

I have been meaning to turn the Steyr back up to 24J to do some 100 yard groups myself this year after the Spring Equinox winds subside a bit.


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