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I did shoot some close ones as an experiment with my readers on a while back and it definitely helped.
I'm not sure that it would help if you don't NEED reading glasses though

As for using them in a comp, there is no way, too much fannying about for one, apart from the cheating aspect.

Shame really, cos I missed the easiest 8 yard 40mm kneeler on Saturday and that was down to parallax on a blurred target and not double checking using the "black ring" method

You don't need glasses, you need practice (new motto)

Good call by UKAHFT, if you start with glasses then you do the whole course with them. If they fog up, then wipe em and carry on.

Likewise the flipups with the markers to help PA error, total waste of time IMO having looked through a scope with one on but another good ban too.

I would like to see so called "scope enhancers" ditched too, as I think they are an additional aid, but they are well entrenched now, so that seems unlikely.

When it comes to cheating, all you are really cheating is yourself, and if you get a trophy that way, then it isn't really earned, is it? The lump of plastic or metal then really is worthless
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