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Originally Posted by Mog View Post
Don't want to do one till I'm sure of the rules, anyway can't go anywhere with this ankle tag.
If you do, make sure you don't use it as an ankle support

The way i see it (excuse the pun) there is correction to be made in the scope in order for you to set it up to your vision. You either shoot with them or without them!
But 'someone' has obviously sussed out that they can shoot to a slight advantage with them off or on, it's the same old. If you look at the original rules of UKAHFT they were clear and simple. But some people arent content with just 'getting on with it'

So all we have seen is an extension year on year of the rules and safety brief. At the end of the day it just slows down 'your' day as a competitor. As if the guys at UKAHFT havn't got enough to do.
And as many have said it's questions, complaints and queries from shooters who don't even turn up at the events!


P.S. i remember years ago along with a band of fellow 'jock' shooters enquiring about what HFT was all about???

The reply was '**** *** don't have time to explain just get your ar$e down to a national event and try it'
Best thing we ever did ......
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