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Originally Posted by bootneckbob View Post
Hi guys (& girls),
can someone explain why my Steyr now has a pants shot count?
It has the external power adjuster on and the new port so it won't go over the limit. Reckon I can get 60 decent ones (bit of a guess). I was having a little test today and a counted out 80 pellets. I thought it would at least manage that, but after 75 it was dropping noticeably (ie missing a reducer at 25yds) I chrono'd it then and it was 9.7 (down from 11.4)

Ta, Rob

I don't want to phone Mr Preston on a Saturday!
change to black transfer port and turn the power back down,it runs more effectively this way giving 120 shots set at 11.4 or 806 with mozzies,the silver 1 is good for keeping it fully legal but the gun kicks like a mule and sounds louder because the air trying to get out of the small transfer port,the reg is set up at 90 bar so no need to change that matey
cr 97 in jim vickers ft stock bsa big 60 scope, and silly about of hunting guns
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