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Default This is getting interesting

Originally Posted by greyskullnz View Post

It has just been proven to me, that you are in fact correct. It is in the other direction for Diabolo pellets. A 9 o'clock wind deflects a diabolo pellet up, 3 o'clock wind deflects a diabolo pellet down. Mind you, it was proved with .25 calibre.

I still believe from my own observation of .177 cal diabolo pellets, that for this calibre, the magnus effect is either non existent, or so insignificant as not to be taken into account.

The reverse applies to cylindrical bullets/pellets.

That might explain this - see attached photo -
Shot at 100 yards with 9 o'clock i.e. full value left to right wind
.177 JSB Exact Express 7.9gr
Steyr LG110 FT

Any explanation as to why diabolo pellets are opposite to cylindrical bullets/pellets ?
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