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Received my first air rifle, Dianawerk 25 if I remember correctly (pre Original not Diana pre Milbro), at the grand age of 7yrs, that's 48 years ago. Used to regularly go shooting with the old chap. Bought my own, Webley of some kind aged 14yrs, shopkeeper split the stock from the barrel and wrapped it up in newspaperthen I walked the 10 miles back home, shot my first rabbit that evening.Got into 10m rifle in the early 80's up until early 90's. Also a brief encounter with a Martini action BSA Mk IV 25yds indoors. Now it is FT with an EV2 Mk2, Pest control with Stalker .22, RN10, S200 with NV, informal 10m pistol with FWB80, and a couple of shotguns for windy/rainy days.

It's in the blood.


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