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Originally Posted by oldybutgoody View Post
The first thing I do in the morning is put my glasses on and the last thing I do before getting into bed is take them off. I ware glasses to allow me to see as well as I can but I will never see like a person with 20/20. They do make shooting more difficult and trust me if I didnt need to wear them I wouldn't, without them I will soon get a headache and would find it very difficult to continue. I dont take them off to shoot and my scope is set up so that I can focus with them on, IMO I doubt very much if they give me an unfair advantage. Just a quick look at me scores will prove the point LOL.
I suffer with neuropathic pain among other things and I know exactly where you are coming from but if people were taking there glasses off all the time on certain targets it would appear to be unfair , I have taken my glasses off before on a target but it's not something I would do regularly although I see ( pardon the pun ) how it could be interpreted .

Another thing is that you may get better eye relief / comfort on certain shots without specs getting in the way , then again I suppose it could be said that you had less chance of PX error too .

I recall winning a comp last year after my glasses broke and I couldn't wear them at all, I also recall it being a rather good score too - don't think it made much difference but I was sick as a dog after probably through eye strain.


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