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In 2005 the world championships was held at western park, the euro's at i think Hiclare castle near newbury at the worlds their was just over 300 shooters takeing part,2006 i think was poland approx 100 shooters
2007 tennessee appprox 100 shooters 2008 N Ireland again approx 100 shooters and last year SA again approx 100 shooters. I can not ever remember their being less than 120 shooters ever attending the euro's
this year being 145+ now this being half as many again as the last World Championships what would be the point in turning this into another poorley attended competition with nothing to do but shoot eat and drink?
Ps Northern Ireland as probably has got the strictist gun laws in the world but getting the ticket was simple and free. some of the lads have had loads of hassle and added costs getting their guns into europe.

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