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Default AR4 Ripley

hey guys i have a AR4 ripley
and at the moment it seems to be be very up an down from shot to shot, shot at ponti on sunday anit just wasnt right. im not the best shot but i never miss a plate an yesterday missed a few all dropped well short like it was down on air. i charged it to 190bar an had a plink then recharged it for the comp. but it just dint sound right it didnt crack like it used to.any way ran it over the chrono 20shots then recharge from 155ish to 190ish then another 20 shots an it was up an down like hell lowest was 575fps higest was 799fps for first 20 string then 648fps an 793fps for 20 string.was thinking of posting full shot string but cant be assed. so now im thinking the regg might be fubar? i cant hear any leaks and a balloon over the fill conection an over the barrel dint fill with air when left over im assuming it aint leaking, so anyone got any ideas

shoot safe
spelling might be hitt n missz but i dont mizz with the Ripley or the S400
WEll KnOtt Very OFtEn
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