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Default Power adjuster

Hi Friends,Im Wayne from Malta.An interesting topic to talk on.I fully agree that their is a risk of some guys tampering with power adjusters but thats not make sense for the competitive airguner ,I have both Whalter and steyr lg110 in alutec and in our climate it is nearly impossible to shoot all year round with the same power setting ,I like my rifles to be tuned between 750-770 ft/ps that is under 12ft/lbs and in summer here when it touches 35 degree -40degree temperature the rifles drop the power to a max of 730 on their own and when winter starts to kick in with the summer setting the velocity go over the limit and I have to retune down to 750-770 .I test on chrono very often when we are switchig from summer to winter due that the difference is huge in temperature.When I be travelling with the gun its safer for us to have an adjuster coz when I had a chat with Whalter engineer he stated to be safe ,to drop the power before leaving country and when you arrive to your destination leave the rifle at the zero range for at least 1 hr to get the country temperature and chrono your power back .It`s as fair as it can be if everyone is responsible for his acts and the other thing its not wise to touch power unneccasary couse if my rifles get out of that power bracket you will loose you trjectory and you would be getting to mhuc speed and no targets dropped coz i think every competitor does his scope tracejtory with his sub 12 power settings.

Pls correct me if im wrong or out of subject,I write here to talk and learn from all of you guys and thanks for your shared information ,we care a lot for our hobby becouse it`s fun and very interesting,


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