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Originally Posted by RobF View Post

Irrespective of if i know you have had your permit by post or email, you will have an email.

It will either have a copy or your permit, or if not, it will be to say I haven't had it, and some action you can take.

So far there are 9 that i don't have a copy permit for. However the police are issuing permits in an odd way, even couples haven't had their permits processed on the same day. This may account for that one hopes.

I have asked the HFTA to confirm they have had submissions from everyone who is missing a permit.

For those I have a copy permit of, I assume it's a case of the Royal Mail.

If however you don't get a permit in a few days via the post, please let me know.

12 have had permits via post, so it is working to some degree.

Don't worry, i'm doing everything I can.

You have emails !


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