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Originally Posted by rich View Post
The concern I was trying to express was that the competition ought to test the person's skill, not their luck with the wind.........
Is not reading the wind part of the person's skill set?

I agree, it would be better if everybody shot the same range on the same day, but even so the wind changes throughout the day, look at FT competitions.
So again, unless it was indoors.....

From the point of view of how much windage a shot will take, for instance, shooting over 1000 yards one can give as much as 36 inches of windage sometimes more. It's a matter of being able to read & judge it, that is part of the skill set.

I would think there would be wind flags (25, 50, 75, 100 yards) on the range to give some indicator.
I also can't see a problem with using a hand held anemometer, but that only gives the direction & speed where you are.

Look at wind flags on a 100 yard smallbore range, I've seen them going in all different directions at the same time.
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