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Originally Posted by HotShot View Post
The Pro Target has a slightly slower lock time than something like a Walther or Steyr. I find a Steyr easier to shoot than my Pro Targets - it's hard to get trigger technique and follow through perfect everytime and I find the difference in group size bigger from the PT when I mess up. My common mistake is to ever so slightly drop the barrel and even though Otis hardly noticable during the shot it will drop the pellet an inch low - I can call the shot now as I see the dip as I squeeze the trigger.

It would beceasy to blame the gun for the low shot but it is me.

When I am shooting well the gun will group as well as any I have owned but it does punish poor form.

Think i know what you mean i pull mine to the right at time,s but had not put it down to lock time ,that give,s me something to think about ,thank,s.
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